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Remember To Surface Protect Your Interior & Exterior After Moving In Your New Home

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Shower-Screen-Restoration-surface protectionMoving to a new home requires that you check its interior and exterior in order to improve the life and aesthetics of the home. In fact, most people will pay a premium if all the fixtures inside and outside look well maintained. However, this good look does not usually last forever. Over time, the action of water and other natural forces cause the home to look older, despite the best of effort to keep things clean. At EziCleen, our advanced surface protection treatment will help protect your interior and exterior for an extended period of time.

Protecting Glass

One of the most noticeable features of aging in a home is usually the glass. Lime scale tends to build up on the surface of window panes making the house look aged. This can greatly contribute to lowering the value of the home. Thus, getting a good price for it when one decides to move out can be quite challenging. There does exist a solution to this problem. A coating can be applied on these glass panes to keep them looking awesome for longer. It also means one can continue to enjoy good natural lighting inside the house for long. A surface protected glass can mean up to 90% less cleaning for the average household.

Protecting the Shower Screen

Over a period of time, contact of various bathing chemicals and the shower curtain can leave it looking old and in need of replacement. Besides the shower screen, most showers are usually covered in a semi-permanent grime that leaves everything looking brown and dirty. This is despite the best of effort to keep things eventually. Eventually, the grime build-up wins and one has to replace all the fixtures in the house. This can be quite expensive. Surface protection Nano technology offers a quick fix to this problem. One only needs to apply a layer of surface protection and grime no longer sticks to surfaces.

How Surface Protection Works

The Nano technology used spreads a mesh of particles that are water and dirt repellent on this surface. Consequently, when water is splashed on them, it quickly slides off as it is being repelled. The result is that there is not enough time for the substances to from a chemical bond, which leaves the various fixtures in their original state.

Besides glass and ceramic surfaces, the technology works great on stone and metallic surfaces. This is great for protecting surfaces such as kitchen sinks, doorknobs, and handrails on the inside and outside of the house. One stones, the technology is specially formulated to protect the stone form penetration by water and other impurities. The material is UV ray resistant and can offer protection for up to six years. Of significance is that the surface protectors are designed not to block porosity of the stones. As a result, the stone does not lose its natural look in spite of being protected from damage. Other surfaces that can benefit from a protective Nano-coating are wooden surfaces. This includes the wooden fence and wooden furniture.

Nano technology has come a long way and provides cheap methods to protect the home. Besides provide surface protection, some manufacturers offer insulation as well as protection. With some of these products, one should notice a drop in their heating bill by about a third.

3 Tips How To Survive The Moving

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The process of moving into a new home can be rather stressful and daunting.  If you have already gone through at least one moving process, you know what I’m talking about.  When people move they often feel disorganized, cluttered, exhausted and frustrated.

In order to avoid to food to feelings of anxiety, stress and frustration, I will present you my three ultimate tips which will help you survive through the moving, out of which you will come out happy and excited about moving to a new home.


  1. Make Sure You’re Positive About It

Sometimes people feel overwhelmed with the moving, and this can lead to feelings of anxiety and it can make you emotionally unstable and overwhelmed.  If you want your move to be a success, make sure and that you feel positive about it.  Prepare yourself that things get lost, things get broken, things get misplaced, and there is nothing you can do about it, be specially if you why are nervous and frustrated.  Being nervous angry and frustrated definitely won’t help.  Also, make sure and that you are not negative about your moving.  Yes, you may feel sad that you are leaving your old home, but you are moving into a new home, which will bring you happy moments and good memories.  Make sure that you concentrate on the positive aspect of everything, this will help you greatly when it comes to keeping your spirits up.

Boy holding a cardboard box and looking at his parents

  1. Get Every Help You Can Get

Needless to say, but when it comes to moving to a new home, you will need every help you can get.  Make sure that you tell your friends that you are moving and ask them if they could help you with moving.  Also, ask family members to help you with organizing and moving your stuff into a new home.  Also, make sure and that they know that you appreciate their help, and to do something nice for them when everything is over.

Moving Day

  1. Get Organized

If you take some time to get everything organized and into place, the process of moving will go much smoother.  Basically, you should think about the moving, which things should go first, what you should pack in boxes, what you should put in your luggage, and what things you can transport in bags.  Also, make sure that you have enough of boxes, and bags, vacuum bags and labels prior to moving. Once you have everything prepared, you can start packing and organizing your things. Also, make sure that you blast some music while packing, this will keep your spirits up and you will be much less likely to feel sad that you are moving, or tired to have to pack all those things. Keep it a fun and happy experience, as it signifies a new beginning!

8 Things You Should Do Before You Move Into A New Home

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Moving day

Moving it into a new home is a joyful occasion, but also it is very demanding and stressful.  There are certain things which you should do prior to moving to your new home.  Here is a list of eight things which you should do in order to move successfully to a new place of residence. 

  1. il_fullxfull.336969561Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

Prior to moving, it would be for the best that you get rid of all the unnecessary things.  If you have things which should be thrown away, make sure that you throw them away to prior to moving.  Also, if you have plans to donate clothes, or give away some of your belongings, make sure that you deal with such things prior to moving.

  1. Make A List

Making a list of things which you are about to transfer to a new place of residence can be very useful, and each will help you relieve much of the stress which you might experience during the moving.  The list will make you feel like you’re on top of the things, and it’ll be much easier for you to deal with the stress.

  1. Get Enough Boxes, Bags, Etc.

Prior to moving you should get enough boxes and bags in which you plan to transfer your things.  Similarly, think about using your luggage as a way of backing your things and making the easier for you to move to your new home.  You should also get enough labels, and labeling materials, in order to label the boxes, which will ensure and nothing gets misplaced or lost during the process of moving.


  1. Clean Up Your New Home

If it hadn’t already been done, you shouldn’t clean up your new home.  Especially the toilet, since you will probably be forced to use it during the moving.

  1. Write Down Important Details

If you are forgetful, you should make sure and that you write down all the important details about your new place of residence.  This will definitely come in handy if you have to explain someone we’re your stuff should go.

  1. Say Goodbye To Neighbors

Don’t forget all the neighbors which have been kind to you in your new home.  Take some time and say goodbye to them.  Also, if you like, you could invite them to see your new home, this will certainly make them feel valued, and you could keep them as friends if you were close.

  1. Get Some Rest

It’s important that prior to moving you get enough rest, since you will need your strength in order to organize everything and go through this process.

  1. Enjoy Your Home For One Last Time

Since you won’t be in your new home any longer, take some time to say goodbye to it.  Enjoy the view from your window, take a long bath in your bathroom for the last time.  Make sure that you remember the place that you used to live and appreciate all the good memories you had there.


Things You Shouldn’t Do Prior To Moving

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There are so many articles which tell you what you should you do prior to moving in your new home.  But all of these articles fail to mention things you shouldn’t do prior to moving into a new home, which are just as important as those you should do.

Certain things should be done only once you have already moved to a new home, and doing them prior to moving only means a waste of your valuable time, money and effort.  Therefore let me present you with things you should avoid doing if you know you are about to move.


  1. Cleaning

There is no point in cleaning your home from top to bottom since it will soon be cluttered in boxes and bags.  If you want to waste your time, sure you can clean your home.  Just remember, you will also have to clean it once you why are finished with packing all your things, and this will mean that you are actually going to clean your home twice.

  1. Getting Something Delivered

If you are about to move, you should avoid getting things delivered to your soon to be old address.  If you can get something delivered to your new address, that would be amazing!  However, in this way it only means that there will be more things which you will have to carry to your new home.


  1. Organizing A Party

If you all are about to move it is best that you leave that party for the after of moving.  Besides, you will want to celebrate in your new home, and invite friends to see it.  There is no point in organizing two parties.  Also, you will have to clean up after a party, and all of this cleaning, packing and unpacking, will wear you down.  You will want to keep your strength and your enthusiasm for the moving.

  1. Overthinking

Even though it is very much advisable that you think about everything prior to moving, make sure that you don’t overthink things since it will only make you feel anxious and stressed.  You will be under enough stress and anxiety already, so make sure that you are not making it even more difficult for yourself then it is already necessary.


  1. Buying Bulky Things and Furniture

If it is possible, you should avoid to buying bulky things such as furniture, prior two the moving, you especially if you are getting it delivered to your old address.  This will only mean that you will have to move this furniture with you once you start moving. If you can you can, order furniture and get it to delivered to your new address, this will be much easier and much more convenient for you.