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Remember To Surface Protect Your Interior & Exterior After Moving In Your New Home

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Shower-Screen-Restoration-surface protectionMoving to a new home requires that you check its interior and exterior in order to improve the life and aesthetics of the home. In fact, most people will pay a premium if all the fixtures inside and outside look well maintained. However, this good look does not usually last forever. Over time, the action of water and other natural forces cause the home to look older, despite the best of effort to keep things clean. At EziCleen, our advanced surface protection treatment will help protect your interior and exterior for an extended period of time.

Protecting Glass

One of the most noticeable features of aging in a home is usually the glass. Lime scale tends to build up on the surface of window panes making the house look aged. This can greatly contribute to lowering the value of the home. Thus, getting a good price for it when one decides to move out can be quite challenging. There does exist a solution to this problem. A coating can be applied on these glass panes to keep them looking awesome for longer. It also means one can continue to enjoy good natural lighting inside the house for long. A surface protected glass can mean up to 90% less cleaning for the average household.

Protecting the Shower Screen

Over a period of time, contact of various bathing chemicals and the shower curtain can leave it looking old and in need of replacement. Besides the shower screen, most showers are usually covered in a semi-permanent grime that leaves everything looking brown and dirty. This is despite the best of effort to keep things eventually. Eventually, the grime build-up wins and one has to replace all the fixtures in the house. This can be quite expensive. Surface protection Nano technology offers a quick fix to this problem. One only needs to apply a layer of surface protection and grime no longer sticks to surfaces.

How Surface Protection Works

The Nano technology used spreads a mesh of particles that are water and dirt repellent on this surface. Consequently, when water is splashed on them, it quickly slides off as it is being repelled. The result is that there is not enough time for the substances to from a chemical bond, which leaves the various fixtures in their original state.

Besides glass and ceramic surfaces, the technology works great on stone and metallic surfaces. This is great for protecting surfaces such as kitchen sinks, doorknobs, and handrails on the inside and outside of the house. One stones, the technology is specially formulated to protect the stone form penetration by water and other impurities. The material is UV ray resistant and can offer protection for up to six years. Of significance is that the surface protectors are designed not to block porosity of the stones. As a result, the stone does not lose its natural look in spite of being protected from damage. Other surfaces that can benefit from a protective Nano-coating are wooden surfaces. This includes the wooden fence and wooden furniture.

Nano technology has come a long way and provides cheap methods to protect the home. Besides provide surface protection, some manufacturers offer insulation as well as protection. With some of these products, one should notice a drop in their heating bill by about a third.

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