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Things You Shouldn’t Do Prior To Moving

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There are so many articles which tell you what you should you do prior to moving in your new home.  But all of these articles fail to mention things you shouldn’t do prior to moving into a new home, which are just as important as those you should do.

Certain things should be done only once you have already moved to a new home, and doing them prior to moving only means a waste of your valuable time, money and effort.  Therefore let me present you with things you should avoid doing if you know you are about to move.


  1. Cleaning

There is no point in cleaning your home from top to bottom since it will soon be cluttered in boxes and bags.  If you want to waste your time, sure you can clean your home.  Just remember, you will also have to clean it once you why are finished with packing all your things, and this will mean that you are actually going to clean your home twice.

  1. Getting Something Delivered

If you are about to move, you should avoid getting things delivered to your soon to be old address.  If you can get something delivered to your new address, that would be amazing!  However, in this way it only means that there will be more things which you will have to carry to your new home.


  1. Organizing A Party

If you all are about to move it is best that you leave that party for the after of moving.  Besides, you will want to celebrate in your new home, and invite friends to see it.  There is no point in organizing two parties.  Also, you will have to clean up after a party, and all of this cleaning, packing and unpacking, will wear you down.  You will want to keep your strength and your enthusiasm for the moving.

  1. Overthinking

Even though it is very much advisable that you think about everything prior to moving, make sure that you don’t overthink things since it will only make you feel anxious and stressed.  You will be under enough stress and anxiety already, so make sure that you are not making it even more difficult for yourself then it is already necessary.


  1. Buying Bulky Things and Furniture

If it is possible, you should avoid to buying bulky things such as furniture, prior two the moving, you especially if you are getting it delivered to your old address.  This will only mean that you will have to move this furniture with you once you start moving. If you can you can, order furniture and get it to delivered to your new address, this will be much easier and much more convenient for you.

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